Founded in 1977 by Joe Lastoria, JG Electroplating has shown remarkable growth over the last 40 years by constantly making additions to its original, manual, decorative plating line. The company has expanded its production capacities to include a robotic automatic zinc plating line, an extremely diverse manual plating line, 2 liquid lacquer lines, a new state of the art high out-put powder paint line, and 2 complete polishing departments. The combination of these resources is what allows JG Electroplating to be North America’s largest and most diverse job shop surface finisher. Take a tour of any one of our departments to experience for yourself our unique combination of plating, liquid plating, powder coating and polishing facilities. Located conveniently to all major expressways in the heart of Laval’s industrial park, open 24 hours daily. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff eagerly awaits the opportunity to meet all of your production requirements.



Recently re-tooled to meet even higher standards, our automatic rack plating line is equipped with the latest in automated technology and has a capacity to plate clear zinc, yellow zinc, black zinc, high performance clear and trivalent yellow zinc.



By continuously re-inventing ourselves, our manual rack plating line has been developed to become Canada’s most versatile and complete rack plating line. By combining brass, chrome, copper, nickel and different oxidizers, our 8’ long 4’ deep baths run 24 hours per day and are ready to meet all of your decorative plating requirements, while offering the industry’s widest range of metal finishes.



JG’s powder coating department has recently been completely revamped with a new state-of-the-art cleaning system, recuperating  system, spray booth, recovery unit and finishing oven. These improvements allow us to be versatile and fast. Running 24 hours per day with capacities of up to 120’’, while offering the industry’s widest range of powder coated finishes.

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Our 2 electrostatic liquid lacquer lines are equipped to apply different types of liquid lacquer. These lines run 24 hours per day with endless limitations on lengths, widths and heights.

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Our pre-plating polishing department is equipped with 14 buffing stations running 24 hours per day while being able to apply all types of polishing to most types of metal. Our after-plating finishing department is equipped with 18 buffing stations and 10 finishing tables. Boasting the industry’s largest finishing department, and running 24 hours per day, JG’s experienced finishing staff is ready to take on any finishing requirements.