Over the past 40 years JG Electroplating has gone far beyond the limits of basic metal finishing. By combining different plating and painting techniques, we have established ourselves as being the industry’s most ambitious metal finisher, providing the world’s most extensive line of plating and coated finishes.

For most platers, chrome is chrome and brass is brass, but at JG Plating these finishes also form the basis for many newly developed plating finishes.

Browse through our many windows of finishes and let our vast selection mystify your finishing imagination.



Our customers’ contribution to our efforts has allowed us to expand our line of finishes to what it is today; the world’s most elaborate selection of new, original and unique finishes. In collaboration with architectural design and engineering teams, our own highly motivated and qualified staff has created a formula for success. This formula entails working together and guiding these teams through rigorous attempts in matching desired finishes. By providing unlimited variations of specific finishes, we are able to create the desired new and unique look to your parts. Contact our sales force today at and let us meet your greatest finishing challenge!